Brooklyn Nets baller Andray Blatche was questioned by Philadelphia police after police say he was witness to an alleged rape of a 21-year-old woman on Tuesday morning. Police commissioner Charles Ramsay told the NY Times that another man committed the rape, but Blatche was present in the room at the time.

The ABC affiliate in Philadelphia revealed that Blatche rented a room at the Four Seasons in Center City and went to a strip club where he picked up the 21-year-old woman and brought her back to the room, where they partied with at least six people. The woman admitting to having consensual sex with one of the men in the room, but says she was raped by another man.

Samples of a date rape drug were reportedly found in the room, and police confiscated Blatche's cell phone, finding "compromising pictures of the alleged victim." However, commissioner Ramsay seemed to absolve Blatche of any wrongdoing in the case.

"From all accounts, (Blatche) was not personally in any kind of assault or anything like that," Ramsey told the Times, adding "He was there but was not involved."

Source: NY Daily News