During a recent interview with Us Magazine, American Idol hosts Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey explained how exactly they put their past disagreements behind them.  According to Nicki Minaj, who was rumored to have a sex tape back in December 2010 and October 2011, she showed the tape to Mariah and that somehow put them back on good terms.

"I put on my sex tape," Nicki joked.

Mariah then chimed in stating that their issues with one another were just a distraction from the show and what it's supposed to be about.

"And there it is.  The whole thing is convoluted. It's a distraction from the show and a distraction from the contestants.  Time heals all wounds."

Nicki ended the discussion on their past beef by stating, "Every time we try to talk about the contestants, we have to field questions about [this].  Time heals all wounds.  And we watched my tape... We're professionals.  Have you ever had an argument with someone you work with?"

Source: globalgrind.com