Troubled comedian Katt Williams was picked up by the LAPD after blowing off a January 8th Sacramento court date, according to TMZ. As we reported yesterday, a Sacramento judge issued a bench warrant for Williams' arrest following his failure to appear in court. The initial arraignment stemmed from a police chase back in November, in which Katt evaded cops on a 3-wheeler.

According to TMZ, the LAPD knew Katt had a warrant and when detectives spotted him outside his L.A. home, he was placed under arrest. He was fully cooperative while being taken into custody, and was held on $100,500 bail.

Williams was released late last night, and explained the situation to TMZ. He says he was only arrested because he had two coinciding court dates, and he chose the case involving the custody of his children. When asked if he won custody, Katt said, "No, I actually don't [have custody] ... the lady who tried to take 'em and lost in court twice, they gave 'em to her."