Serius Jones spoke about how he feels as though Murda Mook is a "weirdo" during our exclusive VladTV interview, and now he's produced proof of some of the "weird" things that Mook does.  A Twitter user posted a pretty funny picture of Mook taking a puff from one of those black electric cigarettes, and the funny part about the image is that Mook is taking a puff while an unseen individual is holding the cigarette between his or her toes!

That's right, he was smoking the E-cigarette while it ws being held by someone's feet, and it appears as though Mook is sitting without any clothes on.

Serius Jones retweeted the picture and laughed about it on his Twitter account.  Check the picture out above.

Mook later replied to one of Serius Jones' tweets and stated that the foot in question was his wife's and he was the one who put the picture online.