Famed UK pop singer Jessie J spoke out about the "lack of boundaries" on Instagram with a sarcastic tweet, which seemed to really rile up Rihanna fans. Jessie tweeted, "I'm bored...Maybe I should get naked and smoke and take pictures of myself and post them on instagram? Or NOT... *rolls eyes*"

Many Rihanna fans thought Jessie's tweet was aimed at the "Diamonds" singer, seeing as how she has a penchant for posting scandalous pictures on Instagram, but Jessie insisted otherwise.

"I'm going to be honest. My tweet about instagram was NOT aimed at anyone inparticular. But I will openly say the amount of pictures including men and woman nude and girls and guys promoting smoking drugs on the internet these days is a lot. Feels like the boundries are disappearing. Its become fashionable and in my opinion its too much. Call me what you want but that's MY opinion and I'm intitled {sic] to one."

Rihanna also seemed to have posted a subliminal message about the situation, saying "Watch what you say to/about people! Cuz you only wind up dragging your skeletons out your own closet, all while looking like a pu$$y!," which many took as a jab at Jessie.

Check out more of the tweets in the above slide:

Source: globalgrind.com