TMZ recently caught up to Tommy Chong and got his opinion about the recent pics which surfaced allegedly depicting Justin Bieber holding a blunt. So what did one of the world's greatest stoners have to say?

"I knew he was smoking before he knew it." Chong said, laughing. He commented further by attributing Bieber's singing and dancing prowess to smoking weed, calling him a "superstar."

"The guy is a phenom ... It's not just his looks. It's his talent. And you don't get talent like that by drinking alcohol. The herb, man! The herb!"

When asked whether he thinks the images of Biebs chiefing may hurt his image, Chong dismissed the notion and listed other popular stars who have been caught smoking, including Miley Cyrus and Michael Phelps.

"Weed is as mainstream as can be. It's legal in Colorado, Washington, and you might as well say the world," he added.