Hodari Sababu, stepfather to Compton rapper Game, appears in a very revealing documentary put together by Pitchfork Media called "Hood Life: A Hip Hop Guided Tour of Compton." 

The cameras follow Sababu down Long Beach Blvd. as he explains how to differentiate between prostitutes with HIV/AIDS and those that are clean, but it's not too long before Hodari is recalling how he opened up a strip club with Game's mom.

"Me and Game's mom, we started a male exotic club. What we used to do we used to come get guys fresh out of jail, you know they was buffed up and they needed money. A lot of these guys can't go and fill out an application and get a job, but hey if they look good, they been working out, we put 'em on. We get 'em a thousand bucks a week."

Game's life in a g-string was short, but according to Hodari it will forever haunt him.

"Jayceon danced maybe twice, and 50 Cent will not let him forget it. Somehow, somebody got pictures of him dancing in that club with his g-string on, and boy, boy, boy."

Sababu says he's fine telling the story because he's not on Game's "payroll". The rapper has yet to respond.

The short film is worth a watch, and you can check it out above.

Source: ebengregory.com