There's no doubt that Trayvon Martin's grieving family will be happy to see George Zimmerman's next court hearing finally get underway, but there's also no doubt they're wishing it wasn't scheduled for February 5th. That's the day that Treyvon would have turned 18.

The original hearing was supposed to take place tomorrow, January 8th, but Judge Debra Nelson deemed it unnecessary and rescheduled. Zimmerman's defense team also supported the postponement, stating that, "there are currently no matters that can be appropriately address by the court on that."

Zimmerman remains under GPS monitoring and is facing financial straights. He reached out on his website for more donations to help cover what have to be substantial legal fees, as well as a $27,000 lawsuit from a security firm called Associated Investigative Services, which claims that Zimmerman didn't pay it for the protection it had provided.