Even though it's been a while since he's put on a football uniform, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson is still managing to rake in huge bucks every single month, and apparently has little to no debt overshadowing him.  After having recently filed documents in Miami County Court during his legal battle over child support payments for one of his baby mamas, the large sum of money he pulls in monthly was revealed. 

Through independent ventures, Chad still managed to bring in $66,104.66 a month throughout 2012!  He also has over $1.28 million in real estate assets, $75,000 worth of furniture, $40,000 in jewelry, $600,000 in cars, and was the fact that he has little to no debt already mentioned?

He's currently been spending $16,000 a month on child support payments, $3,500 on clothes, $1,000 on pet expenses, $5,000 monthly on entertainment, and $250 on personal items.  

For someone who came up from athletics, he's doing incredible without even playing a sport.  

Source: tmz.com