Another life has been taken by the barrel of a gun in Chicago, and the latest fatality is Chief Keef's step brother Ulysses "Chris" Gissendanner III.  According to DNAinfo.comChicago, Chris, who also went by the moniker "YPN Boomtown," was gunned down last Wednesday, January 2nd, in South Chicago.  He too was a young aspiring rapper who was related to Keef through marriage.  

Keef's father, Alfonso Cozart, married Chris' mother Aridecy Tate but eventually divorced in 2012.  Chris was shot while sitting in a car near 124th and Union after visiting his uncle in West Pullman.  He was rushed to Roseland Hospital but sadly died shortly after arriving in the vicinity.  According to Chief Keef's grandmother and lawyer, Grissendanner was not recognized as being part of their family, nor was Keef's father Alfonso recognized as part of the family either.  

Keef's lawyer Dennis Berkson commented on the slaying, stating that Chief Keef "wasn't friendly" with Chris Gissendanner, and that he had "nothing to do with the kid."  He also added that, Chief Keef has no relationship with his father."