Shyne has actually praised Meek Mill for his business moves and straight up said that he respects him for doing what he has to do to eat.  However, he doesn't respect who Meek works for, as Shyne called Meek's boss a "lyin cop" on Twitter.  Shyne also stated that he believes Cassidy "ate Meek's food" with his latest "R.A.I.D." diss track.  

Meek wasn't too happy with Shyne bashing him, so late Sunday night, January 6th, Meek jumped on his Twitter account and sent some shots at Shyne for always hating on young artists:

"Ayo @OriginalShyne I see u hate all the young n*ggas that's out here getting!  I can't respect ya for that!"

"@OriginalShyne talkin about shout out 2 a n*gga that's no good in the hood..I'm in my hood right now..iced out foreign whips..That's not G."

"I guess u gotta die or go 2 jail for u suppose 2 b o.g's 2 have respect but if so I don't want it just call me a rich man!"

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