Spike Lee became very critical of Quentin Tarantino's newest film, 'Django Unchained', the moment it came out in theaters and passed judgment without even seeing it for himself.  Spike's issue is the fact that the N-word is used over 100 times throughout the film, even though it's a film on slavery and that word was probably used as often as "it's, "and" or "the" back in those times.  

50 Cent saw the premiere of the film before it even released to the general public, and understood that it was a film about slavery and the usage of the word was relevant to the time being portrayed in the story.  During his interview with DJ Whoo Kid, 50 said that he thinks Spike needs to relax and stop bashing Tarantino's work, and of course he added some 50 comedy to the way he said what he had to say.

Check out 50's thoughts on Spike Lee and "Django Unchained" at the 21:00 mark.