After spending the day at his fiancee Amber Rose's baby shower, Wiz Khalifa was pulled over for driving while not wearing a seatbelt -- a violation in California.  Wiz was sitting in the driver's seat of his $100k Porsche 911 Carrera S when TMZ cameras rolled up and captured the event as it unfolded.  Wiz stayed positive and was very friendly towards the onlooker as he gave his fans who might watch the video a message to always drive safely...and avoid getting a ticket, "Make sure you guys wear your seatbelts," Wiz said.

The cameraman tried to put in a good word for Wiz while the officer wrote out the ticket by telling him that Wiz is a "good dude," but the officer already knew who Wiz was as he responded, "I know.  I recognized him!" "Safety, safety," the officer added.

He still did his job, however, and issued Wiz a ticket for not wearing his seatbelt while driving, stressing the importance of safety regardless of if you're a celebrity or not.