The New York Post conducted an investigation that scanned the usage of 200 million Electronic Benefit Transfer records from January 2011 - July 2012, to see how much of this tax payer money is actually being spent on necessary household living.  The information was obtained through a Freedom of Information request, and showed that numerous welfare recipients are using their EBT cars on things completely opposite from what you might think.

Instead of going to the grocery store and using the EBT card to help purchase food for the family, many of these welfare users have been spending the funds in strip clubs, porn video shops, liquor stores, bars and lounges. Michael Tanner, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, expressed his disgust in the organization and monitoring of how this money is spent by those who receive the benefits.

"This is morally scandalous.  I have nothing against strip clubs, but that's not what benefits are for. I don't blame [recipients]. If you are poor, it's a crummy life and you want to have a drink or see a naked woman. I blame the people who are in charge of this."

How do you feel about welfare recipients spending the money on things like booze and women rather than food and medicine?