When news broke that rapper Freddy E, the former boyfriend of rapper Honey Cocaine, had committed suicide, everyone who knew him was utterly shocked.  It is believed that the primary reason he took his own life was because of his failed attempts to make things work with Honey Cocaine, although that can't be the only reason.  Many people on Twitter have come down hard on Honey, claiming that her mournful tweets regarding his death are fake because she was calling him out on Twitter not too long ago for being "thirsty" to get back with her.

One person who voiced her opinion on the matter was formerly imprisoned hip hop groupie Kat Stacks, although she's only been a free woman for a short while, Stacks is already letting her voice be heard.  She ripped into Honey Cocaine on Twitter for being fake and only acting like she's sad about Freddy E's death because she wants publicity.  Honey later posted a series of tweets expressing her sadness over the news of Freddy's death, and even posted an image of the last conversation they had together via text message, which was a pretty serious one.

After realizing that she may have been too hard on Honey Cocaine initially, Kat Stacks, who now goes by her legal name of Andrea Herrera, actually apologized for jumping the gun and calling out Honey Cocaine the way she did.  This is a sign of true maturity on Andrea's part.

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Source: rollingout.com