Justin Bieber, the lovable, innocent, teen heartthrob, is quickly growing up in front of our eyes. Bieber was recently photographed smoking a blunt with a few friends with beer bottles scattered about the scene.

Why is Bieber suddenly indulging in drugs? Some think it may be due to the influence of Young Money rapper Lil Twist, who has been hanging around with Bieber quite a bit lately. According to TMZ, Twist and Bieber kicked it in a Newport Beach hotel room last week, where Twist was allegedly rolling blunts for everyone present.

Twist's avi on Twitter pictures him smoking what appears to be marijuana, so its clear that the young rapper likes toking. People close to Justin are reportedly worried about him, and believe Twist is a negative influence on him.

Do you think Bieber is going down a wrong path, or is he just growing up?

Source: tmz.com