Just a day ago Azealia Banks was waist deep in a huge Twitter beef with fellow female artist Angel Haze.  Now just a day later she's neck deep in a heated exchange of words with celebrity gossiper Perez Hilton.  Perez tweeted her about her constantly getting into Twitter conflicts with other female rappers and Azealia went off on him.

She replied:

"Get the f*ck outta here d*ckbreath.  U were just riding my cl*t yesterday.... Kick rox.'"

They went back and forth for a while but Azealia turned things up a few notches when she tweeted at Perez calling him a "fa**ot" and asking him if his "b*tthole whistles" since he is a known homosexual.  These words may come back to bite her, as homosexual slander is often met with heavy criticism in today's world by the general public.  

See the tweets above.  Do you think she went too far, or was Perez asking for it since he kept replying with negative remarks as well?

Source: thisis50.com