The TLC channel picked up a new show called "Best Funeral Ever," a reality program showcasing various over-the-top funerals which take place at the Golden Gate Funeral Home in Dallas; however, much of the show will be staged.  It's meant to show viewers that certain Black funerals are supposed to be looked at as more of a celebration rather than a time to be sad and mourn those who passed.  The show was originally supposed to air on December 26th, but it has been postponed until this Sunday, January 6th, to honor the numerous lives lost in the Newtown, Conn. shooting.  

One of the main issues with the new show is that many of the people in attendance at the funerals who will be seen crying, smiling, etc, aren't always going to be people who knew the deceased person, but are actors who auditioned to be on the show.

Do you think this is going too far?

Check out the trailer above.