Now it's not what you might be thinking, aliens didn't come down during the horrible hurricane Sandy and somehow form these massive 30 ft. pyramids on New York soil.  Instead, the 18 pyramids were man-made in Queens, NY, and the photographs were taken by photographer Stephane Missier, aka Charles le Brigand.  He was biking through Queens, NY, taking pictures of the tragic devastation that Sandy left behind, and while riding through the parking lot at Jacob Riis Park near the Rockaways, he spotted the pyramids and couldn't help but snap a few pictures of the incredible sight.  

He commented on seeing the pyramids first hand in an email sent to The Huffington Post.

"Different thoughts came to mind when I saw these man-made pyramids made out of sifted sand... the 'Dark Side of the Moon,' the Sahara and pre-Columbian pyramids.  Construction trucks, hauling machinery on the site as well as conveyor belts, generators, watch towers, and pole lights gave me the impression of being on some kind of a spatial station. Definitely not in New York."

These structures were man-made by workers who've been attempting to completely clean up the devastation that Sandy left behind.

Check out the cool pics above.