The sudden Twitter beef that erupted yesterday between Azealia Banks and Angel Haze has blown up to a full out lyrical feud between the two ladies.  In just 24 hours the public has already been graced with three diss tracks, the first being Angel Haze's "On The Edge" diss against Azealia, to which Azealia responded with the light diss "BBD" back at Angel, and now Azealia just released her newest "No Problems" diss at Haze, which is much more serious.

The two ladies have also sent more shots back-and-forth on Twitter as Azealia blasted Haze for pre-recording her "On The Edge" diss track back in 2012 when she claimed to have written it in 20 minutes when the beef first began on January 3rd, 2013.  Angel claims that she'll be releasing a brand new diss track today, January 4th.  Angel has been calling Azealia "trash" and believes her diss track is weak.

Check out the tweets above, and hit the next page to hear Azealia Banks' newest diss track, "No Problems."