Azealia Banks apparently got tipped off that Angel Haze actually recorded her "On The Edge" diss months ago in 2012.  Azealia did her detective work and discovered that the file date of the song's recording was back in 2012, while yesterday the two young female rappers got into a heated Twitter beef and Angel Haze claimed that she wrote the song in 20 minutes and posted it on Twitter with the quickness.  

Azealia blasted Angel Haze on Twitter saying:

"@angelhaze and u said u made it in 20 mins!!! it was recorded in 2012!!! plan your publicity stunts better!"

Haze then later responded by stating that although the beat was made in 2012, she wrote the lyrics while the Twitter beef was ongoing.  However, according to producer Diplo, that is not the case.  If you haven't heard Angel Haze's diss track yet check it out above, and hit the next page to see what Diplo told Azealia, as well as evidence that the beat was recorded in 2012.