According to rumors from unidentified sources, Eminem is currently in the process of transforming into a born again Christian.  One source claims that he has personally seen Eminem taking steps away from the norms of the mainstream music industry, or in his words "from the depths of the music industry." Also, the Christian Post claims that Em won't be basing his career choices on the industry's expectations of him anymore.  

Some evidence has been cited to back up these possible claims from the Christian Post, dating back to Eminem's 1996 release of his debut album, 'Infinite', and a song on it titled "It's OK," where Em spit:

"But in the midst of this insanity, I've found my Christianity through God and there's a wish he granted me.  He showed me how to cope with this stress and hope for the best, instead of moping depressed."

Back in 2011 Eminem was dubbed as a "Christian Warrior" by ChristWire after seeing his Chrysler ad during the Super Bowl XLVI.  The author of the article for the site, August Weisz, stated: 

"Through any problems he has had in life he has risen above the blackness that surrounded him.  He is truly a Christian hero."

No confirmation has come from Eminem or his camp regarding these rumors.