50 Cent's SMS audio headphones company was missing only one element, preventing it from being on the level of the immensely popular "Beats By Dre" brand--the co-sign of a reputed producer.

50 recently solved that problem, getting Timbaland on board as an investment partner and member of the board of directors. Timbo released a statement on his business move which said, "50 Cent has created an aspirational audio brand that produces the highest caliber of headphones on the market. I'm looking forward to working with 50 and being a part of a company so eager to bring studio-quality sound to music fans all over the world."

50 said he has "great respect" for Timbaland as an entrepreneur and producer, and believes his new partner will be a "huge asset" to the company.

The Two previously linked up for 50's number one hit "Ayo Technology."

Source: hiphopwired.com