Azealia Banks has locked in on a brand new Twitter beef for 2013.  Her target this time around is fellow rising rapper Angel Haze.  The pair got into a cyber altercation after Azealia tweeted, "Seriously, if you were not born and raised in NY.... DON'T CLAIM NY.  YOU ARE NOT A NEW YORKER."  Although she didn't mention Angel Haze's name in the tweet, Haze responded with words of her own, which lead to Azealia banks claiming that Haze has in the past "begged" to sleep with her.  From there, verbal chaos erupted between the two ladies and they engaged in a full-on Twitter war.

Last fall however, Angel Haze had nothing but loving and respectful things to say about Azealia Banks during her interview with Complex.

"Azealia, we're really cool.  We're around each other. She loves the music I make, and she thinks I'm the best female rapper. It's amazing for me, and I love her music and I love her genuinely as a person. So it's cool to have the person you respect, respect you."

It's funny how quickly things change.