Timbaland has been telling audiences for years that they were going to hear from his brother Sebastian, but it didn't happen until this week, and it seems that Sebastian wasn't happy about the release. Timbaland released a song called "Retro" the other day, which features his brother, who claims he didn't give Tim the "ok" to release the track.

Sebastian wrote on his Instagram, "My dumb brother just release my song #Retro without my permission. I should sue him," and added a link to the track.

Missy Elliott spilled the beans on Twitter, saying "@DaRealsebastian Ya brother still pulling joints out the bag he just pulled out ya song #Retro I'm telling first!"

This lead to a back and forth between Missy, Timbaland and Sebastian, which you can check out in the above slide:

Source: allhiphop.com