Math Hoffa, Bill Collector, and D Chamberz sat down to discuss some of the issues that battle events face regarding the organization of the battles, the way the fans may dress while attending the battles, and how they should act while outside waiting to get in.  Math let the fans know that police always have a hawk eye scoping out the scene at the Smack/URL events, and dressing in a certain way to make them look like criminals won't help the battle community grow.  

Bill Collector and D Chamberz joined the conversation to shed light on the fact that many people who attend these battles try too hard to get free passes to see the battles and need to be much more willing to pay at the door just in case there are problems with the guest list.  D Chamberz finished off the public service announcement by discussing the organization of the battle events as a whole and how things need to be cleaned up a bit.