Blake Griffin took a nasty fall during the recent Clippers vs Warriors game, when his left arm was grabbed while he was driving to the basket.  When he leaped into the air with his arm hooked, he spun possibly to break free, or maybe the momentum just carried his body that way.  Griffin did a full 180 degree spin before letting loose a Kung-Fu style spin kick towards David Lee's face just before he crashed onto the floor.  While he was down he immediately grabbed his head in pain. 

The commentators who were analyzing the play claim that they didn't see Griffin's head connect with the hard wood floor at all, and many fans who watched the move have been calling it "flop city."  Whether he did throw his body into a "flop" or not, you can still see if you look very closely that the right side of his head did in fact crash against the floor for a brief second, which is long enough to cause some pain when you fall like that.

What do you think, flop or not?