Long time Reggae artist Sean Paul is being sued by his ex-girlfriend, Susanne Persson, who says Paul had her illegally deported from Jamaica and led her to attempt suicide. But a lawsuit wasn't enough. Paul's ex-lover also included in her a court filings a 120-page shocking tell-all which explains "The Truth About Sean Paul's Cocaine Dealings, Lies, Murders and Erection Problems" on the cover. 

Susanne Persson's illustration is titled "Irie Jamboree: My life in Jamaica as a jet set slave with the enormous secret of a love affair with Jamaica's perhaps most well known Dancehall Artist." The cover of her work features a childishly-drawn image of the two. 

An excerpt from the 11-chapter document reveals shocking alleged details about Sean Paul's personal life.

"Ever since [Paul] started using cocaine regularly, he has had severe erection problems. If it lasts one minute, it is a good day," Persson noted in her work.

She also says that Sean Paul drove her to attempt suicide, stating that she sent him images of self-inflicted injuries to her wrists.

"I had tried to kill myself, losing more than one liter of blood from a cut on my wrist," she wrote in the court filing. "I had shown the pictures of the cuts to Sean over the Internet. I feel he should see what he had caused."

Sean Paul's attorney, Tom Taveres-Finson, only commented on the deportation allegation saying "He would not have the power to do that."

We'll keep you updated on this ongoing situation. 

Source: theurbandaily.com