Video vixen Delianna Urena wasn't going to stand for having Bow Wow hollering at her on Twitter, and she put him on blast by posting an intimate message from the rapper which included his email and phone number. One of Bow Wow's messages was "offensive," according to Delianna, so she decided to oust him for being "thirsty."

The message read, "I want you to be my girlfriend! I'm serious!! I want to claim u sport u round and be the Man U want me to be. And we tear nyc up together. I lost my phone at the 4040 wifey so text me 678*******" 

Delianna then posted the message on Twitter and followed up with her explanation, saying "THE ONLY REASON I SHOWED HIS EMAIL IS BECAUSE HE MADE SOME OFFENSIVE COMMENTS THAT WERE NOT TRUE!!!"

She added, "these guys be too thirst sometimes."

Check out the messages in the above slide: