People may not really know just how deep of a connection Karrine Steffans and Lil Wayne have built over the years.  They've never really been afraid to let it be a known fact that they care for one another, and now that bond is engulfed in drama.  Lil Wayne name-dropped Karrine in his song "Kush And Alcohol", mentioning her "Superhead" skills and what she first became known best for.

"No makeup she a 10 and she the best with the head, even better than Karrine."

While Wayne probably meant no offense by the lyrics, Karrine has taken him referencing another woman doing what she does even better than her to be offensive, and has since gone on a very long Twitter rant exposing the inner pain Lil Wayne has caused her, but also that she can't let go of him.

See what she had to say above.