A$AP Rocky may be a couture aficionado, but the Harlem-bred rapper isn't segueing into being a fashion designer, and recently claimed that rapper clothing lines are corny.

A$AP told Hip-Hop Wired, "I might collab with designers, but that sh-t corny. When rappers be doing that clothing line sh-t, that sh-t be corny man. That's a slow reality show. Ya know how reality shows wash ni--as up. I feel that clothing line sh-t is just a slower reality show. That sh-t corny man."

PMF also told the site that he feels it's "disrespectful" to think that you're a designer when you're not.

"I'm not no fashion designer. Just 'cause I got good taste don't mean that I know how to create it. I feel that's disrespectful. It's just like record labels and sh-t. Just cause motherf-ckers know Hip-Hop doesn't mean you know how to create it motherf-cker. Just cause you know it, don't mean you know how to create it."

Do you agree with A$AP?