Even though Lil Flip was arrested on Christmas night in Louisiana after he was pulled over for speeding by police and an AR-15 rifle was discovered, he isn't at all worried about the gun charges set against him because he has a license to carry concealed weapons in 22 states, including Louisiana.  Also found inside of his car was a substance that police claim was marijuana, but Flip denies this to be true, as he said they were only wine flavored "Black and Milds" and clove cigarettes.  

Because the "drugs" and gun were found together Flip was booked for possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm in the presence of drugs -- a more severe offense than just finding the gun on its own.  Flip sent a picture of his gun license to TMZ to prove that he's telling the truth about being allowed to carry his weapon.  His reasoning for carrying the firearm is that he's been shot in the past and is a known entertainer, which could make him a target for people trying to scheme against him.  

Flip acknowledged that Louisiana law is no joke and plans on pleading not guilty, as he feels he is not the type to put himself in a position to get in serious trouble with the law.

"I'm not one of those rappers who would carry drugs on me. I know better.  I know they don't mess around in Louisiana and I wouldn't do anything to make me go to the big house. Especially on Christmas night."

Source: tmz.com