**Update: After a lot of back-and-forth talk on Twitter on Wednesday, L.A. rap veteran Gonzoe declared his beef with Game is a "misunderstanding" and revealed he wouldn't be making a diss tape after all.

He tweeted, "won't be no diss song made about @TheGame that was a misunderstanding he wasn't speaking on me so im done talkin bout it. [sic]"

Los Angeles rap veteran Gonzoe went at fellow West Coast artist Game on Twitter for allegedly dissing him on "Heaven's Arm," a track on his new album "Jesus Piece."

"I heard #TheGame said sumthing about #Gonzoe on his new album#JesusPeace ? Do i gotta clown that stripper again? Who heard it?," Gonzoe tweeted, adding "I don't listen to that garbage so I wouldn't know."

Game cleared up the intention of his lyrics, but didn't back down from Gonzoe, tweeting "RT @imGONZOE: This chess not checkers! - i was talkin bout the muppet baby Gonzo f*ck boy... But since you want FAME.. Come get yo a** beat."

Check out the full dialogue in the above slide:

Source: sohh.com