Katt Williams had a pretty bumpy 2012 to say the least, and the comedian is not done with this year's antics just yet. A few days ago Williams was arrested on suspicions that he had illegal firearms and drugs laying around the house where his kids reside. Authorities stated today that one of the guns seized during the search was previously reported stolen.

The L.A. Times reported, "The 41-year-old was arrested about 8:30 p.m. after the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services did a welfare check at his home, said L.A. police Officer Norma Eisenman. Authorities found more than one firearm, she said, one of which had been reported stolen."

When TMZ caught up with Williams to speak on his arrest, he told them the guns he had were kept in lock boxes for protection. He also compared himself to Trayvon Martin and essentially said that could've been him.

"They shot Trayvon Martin dead for looking kinda like how I look. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X ended up dead for telling the truth, so as a comedian, I don't think it won't happen to me," said Williams.

Katt is due back in court on January 25, so hopefully he can keep his nose clean until then.

Source: hiphopwired.com