Rap newcomer A$AP Rocky recently stated in an interview that he's looking to stay lawsuit-free in the future. But his involvement in a prior incident earlier in the year has prevented him from doing so, as he has found himself on the receiving end of another lawsuit. The Harlem rapper is being sued for allegedly attacking a man in a clothing store in New York, an incident stemming to a prior arrest back in July. Now the man is suing Rocky for assault, according to TMZ.

Rocky was arrested back in July after a physical altercation ensued between himself and two photogs who were filming the New York rapper while he was engaged in a fight with another person. The person who was being filmed while allegedly fighting with Rocky, Shenick Alcine, claims he saw A$AP get high in the clothing store which caused him to become unruly. Alcine claims the rapper noticed the two other photogs filming him and quickly diverted his attention towards them. 

This case was initially a robbery incident as it was reported that A$AP attempted to take the cameras from the photogs. He pleaded guilty to attempted grand larceny earlier in the year.

Source: tmz.com