Bow Wow made a recent stop to DJ Whoo Kid's radio show recently and spoke on the many rumors flying around that there is no unity within the YMCMB music group.  But Bow Wow doesn't see things like that.  According to him, everyone is just so busy that they aren't always able to work together on projects.  To him, they're all just grinding hard to get money.

"We are all our own individual artists with our own unique way of getting it how we're getting it.  It's hard for us to always be together so from the outside looking in, a lot of people say we're distant but to us, we're not. We always know where everybody is at all times. For me, I'm in this situation where I can't leave New York. I'm here full time now. I was in Miami where we all lived at... But now that I'm here, Nicki is hosting 'American Idol.' Everybody's all over the place getting it in."