Avery Johnson became the latest NBA coach to receive the ax after the Brooklyn Nets organization relieved him of his duties after the team dropped to a 14-14 record. The Nets began the season with their best start in franchise history at 11-4, but lost three of their last ten games, dropping them to an even .500 record. While it isn't the worst record in the world, the Nets felt that it was Johnson's time to go.

Johnson's son, Avery Jr., was highly upset over the firing of his dad. He couldn't understand why his father would lose his head coaching position after being named coach of the month most recently. He went on a small Twitter rant expressing his frustration over the matter.

Check out Johnson Jr.'s tweets above and let us know if you feel his dad deserved to be fired from the Nets head coaching position.

Source: nydailynews.com.feedsportal.com