After cementing her place in rap through the mega hits "I Need A Doctor," "Love The Way You Lie," and "Words I Never Said," Skylar Grey is ready to release her own debut album, "Don't Look Down."

The first single off the album, "C'mon Let me Ride," shows Grey's silly side, but the singer promises there's much more depth to her than it may look. Skylar recently explained the tone of the album saying, "There are a lot of different things on the album. 'C'mon Let me Ride' definitely does not represent the rest of the album. You will hear things that are more expected, more melancholy, more melodic. Then there is stuff that is more fun. That is because when I started making this album, the oldest song was two years old and was right around the time I wrote 'Love The Way You Lie.' After that song, I felt a lot of love while working with great people and having money again. I had a couple of really happy years and started writing some happier songs too. 'C'mon Let me Ride' is reflective of these good times".

Skylar went on to talk about her chemistry with Eminem, and admitted that Em has blessed her with plenty of advice. She says the most important piece of advice he gave her was to simply be herself.

"Don't Look Down" drops early 2013. Eminem, J.R. Rotem, and even Marilyn Manson will make appearances on the album.