Superproducer Pharrell Williams recently spoke to MTV about his new book, "Places And Spaces I've Been".

"When I set out to do the book – when I was first presented with the opportunity, what I tried to do was instead of making the book about me I called it Places And Spaces because I'd like to always offer my fans and my supporters a glimpse into the experiences that I've had," Pharrell explained.

"Being a producer and kinda not really liking things to be all about me, I decided a very interesting take on it would be to engage someone like Hans [Zimmer] in a conversation where you could sort of take his interview in the book and watch Dark Knight, listen to the music, and listen to the interview and somewhere between there find a sweet spot to deduce what it must be like to be in his mind," he shared.

Will you be picking up a copy of the book?