Earlier this month, a fan who attended a concert featuring rap group Odd Future was on the receiving end of a vicious attack after he jumped on stage while the group was performing. The victim, Chassan Rasagi, now says he's once again being attacked, this time verbally, as the 17-year-old claims bitter fans are threatening him online.

Rasagi filed a police report after the incident and has since hired an attorney as he intends to sue Odd Future. He claims he suffered several injuries during the ordeal, including cuts, scratches, bruises, and burns to various parts of his body. Despite all that, Rasagi says the tormenting has continued from Odd Future fans.

TMZ reports that some of the threats Rasagi has received include

"Needs to get his prepubescent face smashed again..."
-"Is a f**king #f***got a** b**ch made honky #OFWGKTA should of shoved a mic up your white a**"
- "Learn to take a beating you f**king Jew a**"
- "You a straight P***y dude"

Rasagi also tells TMZ that he remains in fear for his life due to the threats.

Source: tmz.com