Drake was able to make popular two separate phrases which have had millions of fans using them in several different forms. In his song "Free Spirit", Drake coined the phrase "So I know it's real" which has resonated throughout the Hip Hop world. The equally-popular term simply known as "YOLO" (You only live once) was just as popular and now he says those who are using the term for profit need to cut him a check.

The Young Money rapper posted a couple of photos to his Instagram account recently, and the first photo was of a number of baseball caps being sold in Walgreens that read "YOLO" across the front. The second image was of a t-shirt bearing the cartoon characters Charlie Brown and Snoopy on the front with the words "YOLO is my motto" written on it. Drake says he's owed some paper for the usage of the phrase he made popular.

Check out the photos above and let us know if you feel Drake should receive some type of compensation when the "YOLO" phrase is used.

Source: hiphopwired.com