Iman Shumpert is quite skilled on the mic just as he is on the basketball court, and it is because of his lyrical talents that he made the 20 Best Sports Rap References of 2012 list on  The young baller who is now known for rocking a 90's style ni-top fade, recently released a new mixtape titled "Th3#post90's" and rumor has it it's really good.  Complex managed to get a sit down interview with Shump, to get him to discuss his new work and how the 1990's has had a lasting effect on his music and life in general.

"I take it serious, but it's not like I'm trying to have a career. It's just something I'm going to continue to do throughout my basketball career. I've always done it. It's for me, it's not like I'm going to try and actually sell records. 

"I think there are some beats on there that aren't original, but for the most part everything on there is original.  The 2wo 1ne thing is a spin on my No. 21 jersey and also 2wo 1ne represents two people in one. The mixtape is called Th3 #post90s because I was born in '90 and I actually miss the '90s. I wish I was in my 20s during the '90s to really fully live it. I feel like that was a pretty exciting time being from Chicago, seeing Jordan win six rings. That was a time I would love to be older in and now I see myself as a collection of the '90s. I sort of got trapped in the '90s. The post '90s is about somebody who lives a '90s lifestyle today."

When asked about his hi-top fade and whether or not it was brought on by a 90's influence, Shumpert replied:

"It's my dedication to all my favorite players that had it. Most of the '90s Knicks wore it at one time or another. I grew mine like Skywalker. A little higher than everyone elses, but I'm just having fun with it. It's something I wanted to do. It was a hairstyle I've never had before. This and dreads, but I don't think I'm going to have dreads. I'm sticking with the hi-top."