Loved Houston rapper Trae almost lost his life earlier this year on June 20, after being shot outside a strip club. According to Trae, his survival is in no thanks to the hospital staff, who mostly ignored him and let him bleed.

"The lady left me bleeding' like two hours in the bed by myself, like nobody else came in there," Trae told RapFix Live. "It was blood all over the bed, they had to change the sheets, the mattress."

Trae also said he didn't realize that people had been killed at the time.

"I didn't find out none of this until Homicide came to come and take me away," he said. "The way I came in the hospital with a hole in my back was the same way I left. I didn't get no bandage, I ain't get no stitches, they didn't take the bullet out, none of that."

Damn! What DID they do then?