Does anyone feel at least a little bit bad for Kris Humphries? It doesn't really seem like it, as the former reality star and current Brooklyn Nets forward continues to be the butt of constant jokes.

On Wednesday night, Humphries tried to go out and enjoy himself at the infamous WiP Nightclub, but was outrightly embarrassed by the two DJs spinning records for the club. Apparently, Chuck Barrett and Scram Jones repeatedly bumped Kanye West songs whenever Kris tried to talk to a female, effectively ruining his chances with every one of them.

An "eyewitness" claimed, "He was trying to talk to every girl in there and was getting turned down by every girl he spoke to. He took a bottle of Patron that he didn't pay for, put it in front of his crotch and dumped the entire thing on the floor, because he was wasted and tired of Kanye songs. Not only was he acting like he was peeing the bottle out, he insisted on staying."

It's a cold world, and Kris can't catch a break.