Rapper Nas is being sued by a concert promoter from New Jersey who says the Queensbridge artist never made scheduled appearances at two New Year's Eve shows. Because Nas failed to show at the concerts, the promoter, Patrick Allocco, spent 50 days in custody in Angola. He filed a $10 million lawsuit against Nas in Manhattan Federal Court on Friday.

It's been reported that instead of making an appearance at the shows, Nas attended an event in Miami which featured NBA superstar LeBron James.

Reports say the promoter gave Nas a $300,000 advance which was fronted by another promoter named Henrique "Riquhino" Miguel who paid $315,000 to see Nas and Jemiah Jai. When the artists didn't make their planned appearances, promoter Patrick Allocco along with his son Patrick Jr. were allegedly kidnapped at gunpoint by "Riquhino" and others.

The State Department stepped in to handle the situation. Nas and Jemiah Jai eventually paid over the $300,000 advance and back in February of this year and the promoter and his son were released.

Source: allhiphop.com