Not too long ago, Meek Mill shared his thoughts on Cassidy's track "Condom Style". He said the song was "the worst song in history", but Cassidy wasn't going to let that insult rock without a response, and his comeback is in the form of a diss record which he released. It's titled "Me, Myself, & iPhone" and Cass goes at Meek, intensifying their ongoing differences.

A couple of notable lines from the diss track read: "I raised son, I was around when the clown couldn't even get his braids done" and "I usually don't get mad but I had enough, when he dropped that son 'Amen' that was blasphemous," Cass rapped.

Meek didn't retaliate with a diss record (yet), but he took to Twitter and responded by providing some details on Cassidy's time being locked up. He said Cass was in protective custody when they were both in the same jail.

"Listening 2 this diss..... Ima say cuz you lost ya mind! U really gone up top mentally ...... I feel sorry for u! Lol," Meek tweeted. "When me and @CASSIDY_LARSINY was locked in the same jail!!! He was on "PC" protective custody .... I was on the "drama block" #difference."

Cassidy hopped on Twitter to try and clear the air about being in protective custody.

"They automatically put U on PC when U famous & in the newspaper..
But I had pull.. So I got off after the 1st month, did 7 1/2 in population.. FOH," Cassidy tweeted.

Meek also hinted at finally wanting to battle Cassidy, tweeting that the money can be donated to charity. Do you see the two squaring off at some point?