An American solider wounded in Afghanistan had a rapper to thank for saving his life recently. Lander Chappell thanked Lil Wayne on Twitter after Wayne's song "Tie My Hands" helped him survive an IED explosion. Chappell says the song helped keep his mind off of the pain, and encouraged him to fight for his life until the medivac arrived.

"We were going to clear this road, and we had a thing that shoots grenades down the road," explained Chappell. "Pressure grenades to put pressure on the ground to blow any pressure plate IEDs. We had a guy who was clearing. I guess he just missed it. And as I came up, I stepped to the right just a little bit and next thing I knew, I was in the air. I'm looking at the sky. I don't wanna look, I don't wanna look. At the same time, you really want to look because you just want to see. Make sure. But my leg, it was gone."

While they waited for the medics to show up, a fellow soldier encouraged Chappell to sing "Tie My Hands" along with him.

"It got my mind off it and finally the medivac came. We were still singing. We get on to the medivac. It's one of the things I really appreciate him doing for me."

Chappell also gave Weezy a shout out on Twitter. Check that out above.