K. Michelle let it be known on Twitter not too long ago that New York Knicks baller J.R. Smith "dumps her every two weeks."  While that was most likely an exaggeration, she was serious about him dumping her over and over again.  Prior to that she was on Hot 97 where she spoke about how she was trying to get him back in her life.  

Just a few days after pictures surfaced of the pair kissing in the club, J.R. went on Twitter to clear the air that he is still officially single at the moment and K. Michelle in turn reinforced that fact.  He went on to say a few things on Twitter regarding his relationship status in general, which might've been a bit hurtful to her, and she in turn wrote on Twitter about mistreatment, love, and knowing when to walk away.

See her tweets above. 

Source: ebengregory.com