Katt Williams' continuous run-ins with the law have become a recurring theme for the comedic actor. His most recent mishap went down at a Subway restaurant in West Hollywood this past Thursday night. Law enforcement suspected Williams of causing a disturbance in the venue, which he denied, and he was ultimately handcuffed and placed in a police car, according to TMZ. 

Williams explained the details of the situation to TMZ, saying he was approached by officers while waiting for his friend and tour manager, Suge Knight. The arresting officers state that they were called to the scene in which Katt was involved in some sort of disturbance. Eventually, Williams was released and allowed to leave the premises.

According to TMZ, Katt says the officers took a gun and some marijuana from him but states that the items were returned to him shortly afterwards. On the other hand, the cops contend that there was no weapon taken from Williams and the only major discovery was an empty clip. 

Both Katt Williams and Suge Knight received citations seemingly unrelated to the matter in question. Williams' citation was over a parking violation and Suge's was over several outstanding traffic warrants.

Source: tmz.com