Bow Wow's current child support case has left his financial situation exposed.  His 106 & Park paycheck has been revealed and even though he isn't being paid chump change by the standards of the 99% of Americans, he still isn't making what a lot of people might've believed at first.  Bow Wow is tied down to a six-month contract with 106 in which he is cashing in on $200,000 for that period of time.  Once his contract is up, BET will notify him if they wish to renegotiate the terms of his contract or let him go, as they will only be keeping two hosts after that time.  

The real drama here is that Bow Wow previously lied to the California courts about his income, stating that he had only a four-digit bank account when in reality he is hitting at least six figures for only six months of work.  He's also booking parties for $3,500 per event, so his pockets aren't suffering that badly at the moment.

Bow Wow may have to face the music in the near future and cough up a larger sum of bread to his baby's mother.